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Posted by ProjektCOG - January 15th, 2015

Hello there Newgrounds! Holy hell has it been a long ass time since I made a post. Last you saw of me, I was in college trying to get my old Highschool stuff from '06 animated and (somehow) securing a Daily Award for my writing. Now I'm back, long finished with university, getting my ass employed, and settling back into my old writing, scripting and storyboarding routine. Things got real intense around the university years so, I had to cut a few things out of my life to ensure I was consentrating on getting a great degree. Now here I am, back to make some new content with amazing people once again. I've got a backlog of ideas, and all the time in the world to make them a reality. Here's to a prosperate new begining here on NG!

Posted by ProjektCOG - June 26th, 2011

I'm back babeh, and with a brand new, fresh out the box Mario parody, just a lil something belated for his 26th birthday this month~ So everyone, get in here and vote 5 on this mofo, riiiiiiight here~ Don't let me down now~

Viva La Mario

Posted by ProjektCOG - December 18th, 2009

Here's something that me and MarioFlashMovies have been working on for a while. It's the first episode of the "Well, It's..." series, all about the many mishaps of various video game characters through their chronological apperances in games.

Go see it now, here

Well, It's Mario

Posted by ProjektCOG - November 30th, 2009

Wow, what can I say... other than "best weekend ever".

Quick summary of the day's events:

Day 1: A short meal at "Red & Green Cantina", then off to the "White Swan and Cuckoo" Karaoke Pub for a drink, and game of pool, and listening to Wonchop sing "Space Oddity".

Day 2: Gathered at London Eye, went in Namco arcade, hung out in there for a while, then it was back on the train to Piccadilly Circus, and onwards to China Town for a look around, and dinner.

Day 3: Heavy rain, missed the movie we was going to watch, ended up going to some cake shop, hung out there, said our goodbyes, and went home.

Thank you Luis for making it all possible, looking forward to the next big meet coming this summer.

Official Page

See below, one batch of autographs.

NG Autumn Fling '09

Posted by ProjektCOG - January 20th, 2009

Here are my thoughts on the meetup:

It was pretty awesome meeting the NG crew and the other artists. I got to talk among them, get their autographs, and discuss some future ideas to put out here on NG.

Tom Fulp was a friendly chap, he gave me some advise about how I should get my ideas off the page and on to NG. The Super Flash Bros were there giving out their cards, I met Wonchop, mrSimon and Weebl all on the same table, and chated to WilliWowza and The-Swain.

When it was time to leave, Tom gave us some old-school tank logo stickers and a wall poster, I gave him a crushed penny in return.

So all in all, a freaking amazing experience, and I hope they return next year.

See below, the autographs I got:

The UK Meetup