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Entry #5


2015-01-15 10:52:38 by ProjektCOG

Hello there Newgrounds! Holy hell has it been a long ass time since I made a post. Last you saw of me, I was in college trying to get my old Highschool stuff from '06 animated and (somehow) securing a Daily Award for my writing. Now I'm back, long finished with university, getting my ass employed, and settling back into my old writing, scripting and storyboarding routine. Things got real intense around the university years so, I had to cut a few things out of my life to ensure I was consentrating on getting a great degree. Now here I am, back to make some new content with amazing people once again. I've got a backlog of ideas, and all the time in the world to make them a reality. Here's to a prosperate new begining here on NG!


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